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Loot 2.0, discovering its true potential.

#461 by Vaeflare @ 00:36:21 25-Jul-2013 Original Post
Hi everyone,

If you ask any veteran Diablo player what their most memorable moment was from a past Diablo game, more often than not it will involve a story about the time when a certain rare item dropped for them. Whether that drop was a legendary (unique) item which was statistically next to impossible to find, a high rune needed to craft an amazing runeword, or even just a legendary item with perfect stats, the feeling was pretty much all the same (alright.. finding something like a Windforce, Zod rune, or Tyrael’s Might was a little different haha). Players could probably even go as far as recalling the time of day, act, zone, or monster that dropped that particular item, it was that memorable. How can we give this same nostalgia feeling back to the items in Diablo III?

Please take a look at my most recent post on Diablofans.com and let me show you how I think this feeling could be brought back. I'd post the entire topic here but without the pictures it doesn't really have the same weight.


Hope you all enjoy
This is a really great, and comprehensive set of suggestions and feedback! Thanks for putting that all together, Monstrous, and for all of you for sharing your thoughts! We're definitely keeping an eye on this thread and would love to hear your loot-related thoughts. :)
#467 by Vaeflare @ 00:56:15 25-Jul-2013 Original Post
07/24/2013 03:45 PMPosted by ihaveshirts
Only took 460 replies for them to notice.
I personally saw it on Monday (it was posted on Sunday) and have been tracking it and passing it along to relevant individuals since then. Simply because we don't comment on a thread does not mean it escapes notice. It's quite the opposite, actually!

Diablo (US) > Community > General Discussion