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Dear Blue Blizzard Employee That Cares.....

#26 by Araxom @ 23:31:37 25-Jul-2013 Original Post
Hi RedKamikazee,

I just wanted to drop into the thread and thank you for taking the time to write this. Hardcore, regardless of its possible frustrations, is something that is enjoyed by many members of our community. While we definitely want to encourage people to share their thoughts with us about what changes they’d like to see in the game, realistically, removing an entire playstyle is unlikely. If you’d like to see some changes made to it, please feel free to post any constructive feedback you may have.

With that said, we understand that losing a HC character to a technical issue is not fun. As someone whose area is primarily on CS related matters, it may be beneficial to focus on what tech resolutions we may be able to find.

I would like to extend the offer to try and help troubleshoot any technical issues you are experiencing. It is the hope that these types of things will happen rarely, and that you may be better protected against them in the future. Should you choose to contact our support directly for technical and connection troubles please use our support portal and be clear about how the issue was encountered. In many cases, providing the diagnostic information and/or the trace route can help us see what’s going on and have a better idea of how we can help you improve the performance of the game.

Thank you again!

Diablo (US) > Community > General Discussion