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Diablo 3 needs "power-up" quests like Diablo 2 did

#3 by Grimiku @ 00:09:23 27-Jul-2013 Original Post
07/26/2013 12:06 PMPosted by CiniCraft
Diablo 3 would have more longevity if Act I normal had an optional quest that granted you +1 Strength (depending on class) permanently and the same optional quest on Inferno granted you +4 Strength permanently.

Thank you for sharing Diablo III feedback, and your ideas on side quests. I think the heart of what you're mentioning (based your feedback, and others) is that Diablo III could use more things to do once you've completed Inferno difficulty. We're working on adding some variety for players who have completed Inferno difficulty, but we've also heard players mention that the Hell difficulty feels redundant. We're looking at ways to adjust what it takes to get to Inferno as a result. Hopefully, the sum total of those changes means we'll be adding interesting variety, and longevity to the end game, while keeping the path along the way fun.

Here is a reply from Wyatt to Flux, when asked about the possibility of removing the Hell difficulty, so that you have some context and insight.

Wyatt Cheng: A related question to that is, 1-30 the first time through normal is interesting, maybe the first time because of the story. maybe the 2nd time through it’s a different class and you’re doing different skills. Maybe the pacing feels right. maybe it’s even interesting further down since the challenge holds up and your loot/reward acquisition rate stays high and feels right.

But then kind of like what you’re saying, I don’t know if it’s specifically NM and Hell that’s the issue. More that you really want to get to Inferno and you’ve got a long road ahead of you and it’s very predictable and very much the same. Another question for us to ask ourselves is, what makes the destination so much more interesting than the journey? Can we make the journey appealing as well? If not, then maybe we should just move the destination closer.
#109 by Grimiku @ 01:54:27 30-Jul-2013 Original Post
There is a lot of great feedback in this thread, and I really appreciate that. There was a couple of points that I wanted to address.

Right now, they are spending their time on trying to re-balance the misplaced levels that would have come from having all of the difficulties (normal-nightmare-hell-inferno), instead of working solely on producing an interesting end-game itemization fix.

If we aren't going to get what we really want, lets at least throw ideas at them that make sense within the bounds of what they are currently spending their time doing...

I understand why your concerned, but this is not a case where you only get one or the other.

You guys need to understand that the worst thing you can do, if you really like an idea, is come announce it on the forum. All that you accomplish is to basically ensure that you will never see it implemented, lest Blizzard be accused of plagiarism.

Not to mention the fact that developers, as well as other artists, don't generally accept ideas from outside sources - they feel it places a damper on their artistic integrity.

This is also not true, and we highly encourage everyone to post their feedback. It doesn't matter where a good idea comes from so long as it meets all the criteria it would need for a serious consideration. Besides, sometimes a feature ends up being a conglomeration of several great ideas by the time it's implemented.

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