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PTR = Public Tasting Realm ?

#3 by Vaeflare @ 20:45:10 01-May-2013 Original Post
Kierpanda's Diablo III chili recipe was truly delicious, and I very much recommend checking out her blog write-up for all the devilish details!
#6 by Vaeflare @ 21:18:14 01-May-2013 Original Post
05/01/2013 11:52 AMPosted by DamienJohn
I can vouch for that! I made it tonight for a dinner party and everyone loved it, thanks for sharing the link OP.
Awesome! :D

05/01/2013 12:09 PMPosted by Toad
Horadric chilli burger is next right?
Well, she already posted a recipe for a Horadric Hamburger, so you could conceivably combine that with her Diablo III Chili recipe for double the deliciousness! Just remember: pics or it didn't happen. ;)

I actually recently posted a blog about her tasty creations. It includes a deluge of creative recipes and a Q&A, so I'd recommend checking it out for more on her gamer-inspired foods: Fan Creation of the Week: Eat Game Live.
#18 by Vaeflare @ 23:12:21 01-May-2013 Original Post

This is just unbelieveable at this point.

There's an entire PTR feedback sub forum that is getting constantly ignored and yet blues insist on posting on random threads that have no use whatsoever to this game.

Brilliant, I love where the focus is of this team.

So many unanswered and neglected CONSTRUCTIVE threads in the actual PTR feedback but nooo we got more important things like recipes to discuss. Absolutely brilliant, give yourself a pat on the back blues
Like our other forums, the PTR feedback forum is being closely monitored for feedback. Some of the feedback we've already taken into account, while other requests are simply outside the scope of this particular patch, but are still good for us to consider for the future. In many cases, when these issues are being worked on behind-the-scenes, we might not have updates regarding them, but we do our best to let you know when we do.

In terms of community-generated content, here's the thing: some players dig it, and some players could care less. That’s fine. But as an artistic spirit who loves Blizzard and our community with a fiery passion, I genuinely enjoy sharing the creativity of our talented players with the rest of our player base. This in no way takes away from development time, and I believe player pieces and the artists behind them deserve recognition as well.

The thing is, we're all here because we love Diablo. Whether you are writing up detailed feedback, streaming the game, crafting cosplays, testing recipes, creating art, or simply hanging out in the forums to chat with other players, we appreciate your passion. _I_ appreciate your passion. I might not always have all the answers you’d like, but you can bet I’m right there beside you for the journey. :)

(In the future, please also try to keep your posts on-topic to the discussion at hand, and avoid derailing discussions simply because they don’t interest you.)

Diablo (US) > Community > Community Creations