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Zoltun Kulle's Phrase Lettering

#2 by Vaeflare @ 03:35:57 14-Sep-2013 Original Post
Hello everyone!
I can't tell you exactly why, but when I first played Diablo 3, when Kulle said:

"Fate is Whimsical"

for some reason it really sticked in my mind.
I created a lettering with that phrase, I hope you like it!


This is the link of the picture, posted on my facebook page.

and this is the direct link: http://bit.ly/14I6nIlI really dig your writing-style and penmanship! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

I just wanted to share this with the game fellows. Maybe some of you also enjoys this kind of stuff.

Diablo (US) > Community > Community Creations