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Hardcore Action House problem

#9 by Araxom @ 22:07:28 17-Jun-2013 Original Post
Bought a ring on the HC auction house. Gold left my account but I did not get the item - order id 1611292927.

Am I just screwed or is there something I can do?

Hi IronFate,

We continue to investigate reports of delays with the Auction House in order to help ensure that such transactions go as fast as possible. That being said, it technically can take up to 5 days for a transaction to finalize - and that is in the extreme case where the Auction House is getting slammed by a ton of transactions. In cases like this, it may take anywhere between several hours to 72 hours (for most general delays).

At any rate, please keep an eye on the auction and if after that window of time you still don't see the item, please do send in a ticket letting us know so that we can check on this in more detail for you. Thanks for hanging in there in the meantime!

Diablo (US) > Gameplay > Hardcore