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I hate to make this topic but .. ladder.....

#2 by Grimiku @ 00:59:46 18-Jun-2013 Original Post
Personally, I dig the idea of a ladder, but I lack the time to be competitive in one. For me, it would be all about the reset they create. Wyatt talked about ladders in his chat with Archonthewizard recently, and you can read the transcript provided from diablo.somepage if you're interested.

What's the reason you'd like to see ladders in Diablo III?
#51 by Grimiku @ 20:14:37 18-Jun-2013 Original Post
We're happy to collect your feedback on ladder systems, and Lylirra reminded me of a thread on general discussion where we're doing just that. For those of you that want to share feedback on what should be in the ladder system, please use this thread to share your ideas. Here is a quote from Lylirra with some great questions to help get you started.

What exactly would you want from a ladder system? For example:

- How would you ideally like that system to work?

- How long would you like the resets to be?

- How many characters do you think players should be able to create for ladders? (Do you think they should take up the existing slots you have?)

- Should there be an auction house for ladder characters?

- Should there be any special items or perks for ladder-only characters? If so, what kind?

- What kind of restrictions, if any, should be placed on ladder characters?

- Do think players should be able to bring their ladder characters into "non-ladder" once a reset is complete?

- Is it necessary for ladders to be competitive, or is it enough for players to just see for themselves how far they can go on their own?

- Why would ladders improve your in-game experience?

Diablo (US) > Gameplay > Hardcore