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6/15 - Error 3006 and other instabilities

#1 by Kaltonis @ 21:18:36 15-Jun-2013 Original Post
Our server admins are currently working on issues with the US Diablo III server that cropped up unexpectedly. Attempts to log in and play will have sporadic results until the issues are ironed out, especially if we need to momentarily take the server offline to apply an update.

I'll provide more details once I have them. Thanks all!
#36 by Kaltonis @ 22:46:51 15-Jun-2013 Original Post
Hey all!

Unfortunately it's been determined that the server issue is hardware oriented, so we're having to replace the faulty component. Naturally we keep plenty of spares on hand, but the time required to make the physical installation is causing this server outage to last longer than it normally would.

Keep an eye on the login screen's Breaking News for estimates on when the server will be back up.

Personally speaking, off the record, I blame Belial.
#55 by Kaltonis @ 23:18:27 15-Jun-2013 Original Post
Please provide a schedule of all future unplanned outages.

We've tried hiring those precogs from the film Minority Report, but our staffing agency insists that the events of the film are not based on reality. It's pretty confusing. I mean, we can see them right there on the screen.
#61 by Kaltonis @ 23:26:20 15-Jun-2013 Original Post
We've replaced the faulty hardware and have the US server back up and running. Our server admins are still running an extensive battery of tests (level 1 diagnostic please, Mr. LaForge) but with any luck we're going to be in good shape.
#63 by Kaltonis @ 23:45:23 15-Jun-2013 Original Post
Let me guess, the server's cursor disappeared during the Belial fight and it couldn't survive. Been there, done that. :P

It's Belial's most insidious attack. I mean, Belial says that it's another program on the player's computer that's trying to take cursor priority, but we all know better. It's demonic mouse magic.

Diablo (US) > Support > Technical Support