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#5 by Grimiku @ 08:08:51 08-Feb-2014 Original Post
02/07/2014 01:06 PMPosted by morocka
With it taking 5 fragments now to get 1 rift key are you going to buff the loot off the Rift Boss since now it takes 5x longer to get 1 key?

Seems this patch made everything 2x or 5x longer to acquire things.

I can see why it might appear that it takes longer to gain entry into a Nephalem Rift after this change, but thankfully that isn't the case. As others have pointed out it actually takes a slightly shorter amount of time to gain access to a Rift. Previously you gained one Rift Keystone for completing 5 Bounties, but now you gain 6 Rift Keystone Fragments instead, and it only takes 5 of them to open a Rift.

In addition to that, we've increased the loot you get from Rift Guardians. They now drop more Blood Shards, and have a greater chance of dropping a Forgotten Soul. The goal, and what we hope for, is to find a reward pace that feels right.

Diablo (US) > Under Development > PTR General Feedback [2.0.1]