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#6 by Lylirra @ 00:32:16 08-Feb-2014 Original Post
This is actually a known issue that we're currently working on a hotfix for. It's very similar to this bug that occurred with the last PTR/Beta patch.

To recap:

- This issue is only affecting Hardcore beta/PTR characters that were 60+ at the time that the most recent patch went live (v. Hardcore characters that hit level 60 after the patch will not be affected. Similarly, level 60+ characters that are copied (or re-copied) over to the beta after the patch will not be affected.

- This is a beta/PTR only bug, it’s not an issue that will ever affect the live client. Even so, this is something we believe we can address for HC beta/PTR players via hotfix rather than a full patch, and are working on doing so right now. We do not have an ETA at this time for when that hotfix will be ready, but we'll be sure to update in this thread as more information becomes available.

- This bug is result of us fixing an issue where unlocking Torment on Normal would also unlock Torment on Hardcore. As of this patch, players will need to unlock Torment separately on their Normal characters and Hardcore characters. (This is how it'll work once 2.0.1 goes live, as well.)
#8 by Grimiku @ 02:39:27 08-Feb-2014 Original Post
We just implemented a hotfix that should enable Hardcore characters to play in Torment difficulty again. You may need to log out and then back in to see the update, though. Also, Nevalistis has updated the Closed Beta Hotfixes thread to reflect this change. Thanks for your patience!

Diablo (US) > Reaper of Souls Beta > Reaper of Souls General Feedback