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Server Issues

#124 by Xordiah @ 20:24:31 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
Sorry for jumping in here this late. We are still looking into what is causing this issue. Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for when this can be resolved but the team is working hard at getting things back up and running again for you.
#133 by Xordiah @ 20:29:12 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
26/04/2013 19:28Posted by Kalanhar
And again does not help at all :D

Sorry. :(
#136 by Xordiah @ 20:30:52 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
We're going to take the servers offline now to help with the investigation. Sorry to break your game time on a Friday evening.
#154 by Xordiah @ 20:38:25 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
NA servers should be fine last time I heard, so if you have characters there you like to play that should not be an issue.
#158 by Xordiah @ 20:42:26 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
/Sigh... you guys have no fault in this.

I'm sorry you have to read so much hate this year by the way, really.

No worries, this is our job and really enjoy it - and when you transform the hate into passion that people feel on the different subjects, you can look at it from a whole different angle.
#184 by Xordiah @ 21:11:55 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
26/04/2013 20:10Posted by onanor
do we know how long the server will be down tonite?

We don't have a good answer for you yet. We are still in the process of troubleshooting, so unfortunately the service will be down a while longer.
#195 by Xordiah @ 21:21:48 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
26/04/2013 20:19Posted by ElChupacabra
so no Diablo 3 this weekend...got it :(

I don't believe this will be the case. We should have this resolved this evening if past experience on issues can be trusted. It can always be exceptionally different of course so this can't be an absolute response - but I'd take the odds on this bet.
#264 by Xordiah @ 22:08:06 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
We're looking at bringing up the service again now. The issues should be resolved. Please let us know if you encounter more problems in this thread.
#319 by Xordiah @ 22:22:33 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
Sorry, as you have noticed the fix did not resolve the issue. We are continuing to work on this.

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