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New MVP: Fean

#1 by Takralus @ 12:03:39 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Hey guys,

As you may already be aware, our Most Valuable Poster program is a way for us to reward active, constructive and helpful players participating on the European Diablo III forums.

Many of you may have seen Fean around, especially on the Witch Doctor forum. He’s proved to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful to others, so we’ve invited him to become an MVP. Hopefully Fean will be the first of many class specialist MVPs we have here on the Diablo III forums. Please join us in congratulating him :D
#4 by Takralus @ 12:08:10 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
15/03/2013 11:06Posted by Fean
Thank you very much Takralus :)

You are most welcome, congrats again!
#9 by Nakatoir @ 12:22:38 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congrats on getting green Fean! Cannot wait to see more of your great posts on the Witch Doctor forum and elsewhere too! ^^
#12 by Eldtyara @ 12:29:01 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
*tries to dance in celebration and welcome*

*just ends up rocking back and forth*

#14 by Рейслор @ 12:44:58 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congratulations and welcome aboard Fean! :)
#16 by Мивандеир @ 12:47:15 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congratulations Fean!
#25 by Ulvareth @ 13:17:46 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Thank you for all your helpful and constructive posts so far, Fean! *Raises early afternoon coffee to many more to come*
#28 by Vaneras @ 13:18:08 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
15/03/2013 12:00Posted by Fean
Hey guys that's 5 of them and still no Van, I'm starting to think he just doesn't care *sniff sniff*.

I care, I am just a little slow that's all.

Grats on the green, may you be the first of many Diablo MVPs :-)
#35 by Ксанеррис @ 13:33:18 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Hello and welcome to the green team, Fean! /wave
#38 by Nidrorian @ 13:50:24 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
The forums just dropped its first set piece of equipment. Congratulations!
#39 by Takralus @ 13:52:37 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
What did you need to do to become an mvp?

Is there anywhere we can recommend people for this position too. I have lots of friends on the Demon Hunter forums I'd recommend because they are always on there helping people out.

This info may hopefully fill in some gaps for you D3MON http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/2583878364#3

We're always looking for helpful peeps to join the green team. We recently had a couple of guys from the Barbarian forums apply (who I'll be getting back to shortly), but yeah, please recommend anyone you feel would be a great addition! :)
#40 by Vaneras @ 13:55:12 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
15/03/2013 12:21Posted by Mokum
hahaahah sorry but this is getting beyond redicuulus even 7!! blue guys post now hahaah so where are you guys when we need you the most like keeing clean the forum or answering serious questions ?

Just for your information, most of these other blue posters you see here are actually from the other European Blizzard forums. When you only hang around the English EU forums, it is easy to forget that we actually also need blue posters to post in other languages on the other EU forums :-)

Here are some links in case you would like to get a better overview of the blue posters and their presence on the various official EU Diablo III forums, of which there are currently 7:
English Diablo III forums
French Diablo III forums
German Diablo III forums
Italian Diablo III forums
Polish Diablo III forums
Russian Diablo III forums
Spanish Diablo III forums
(Please note that the blue posters you have seen posting in this thread also need to post in the EU StarCraft II forums and the EU World of Warcraft forums in their respective languages)

As mentioned in a recent thread on the topic of blue posts, we do reply to threads whenever we have some information we can share. Please feel free to send us an email if you are not satisfied with our posts and presence on these forums. In fact we would appreciate if you did so.
Community feedback: do you have feedback about the forums, blog articles, live event presence, contests or community staff? We always appreciate such, and encourage you to send it to CMfeedback-EN@blizzard.com. Please note that while feedback mails are all read and taken into account we can’t respond to these.

#41 by Xarishflar @ 13:57:36 15-Mar-2013 Original Post

*Summon an army of dancing Fetishes*
#42 by Taepsilum @ 14:02:42 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congrats Fean, you lean, mean, green, killing machine!
#60 by Xigadaon @ 15:06:18 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Welcome Fean and Congrats!

Edit: I knew it was only a matter of time for Vaneras to post, too bad I missed it. >.<
#63 by Katriedna @ 15:12:49 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Welcome to the green side Fean! Congratulations! :D
#89 by Draztal @ 16:33:21 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congratulations Fean!
#90 by Kapeselus @ 16:34:30 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Hey, Fean! Happy to have you "on board(s)"! <drums>

Wow, that wasn't as witty as I hoped it would be. Please, don't hate, I mean well.
#94 by Jolnirren @ 16:49:12 15-Mar-2013 Original Post
Hey, welcome to the green team Fean ! :)
#138 by Tiogaradh @ 10:47:03 26-Mar-2013 Original Post
Welcome Fean!
#139 by Hagut @ 10:48:43 26-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congratulations Fean!
#142 by Rynundu @ 16:49:05 25-Apr-2013 Original Post
No, I am late.

Congrats Fean! :D
#143 by Scrainzo @ 11:45:49 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
Hello Fean.

Best wishes! :)

No, I am late.
Me too. I am sorry.

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