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New MVP, ThorienKELL!

#1 by Nakatoir @ 17:19:55 25-Mar-2013 Original Post
Hey there everyone,

As you may already be aware, our Most Valuable Poster program is a way for us to reward active, constructive and helpful players participating on the European Diablo III forums. You may already be familiar with our other Diablo MVP; Fean.

Many of you have probably seen ThorienKELL#2134 around, especially if you spend some time on the Barbarian forum. He’s proven to be an extremely helpful and knowledgeable player, and because he has been assisting many of his fellow Barbarians, we’ve invited him to become an MVP. Hopefully ThorienKELL will be the one of many class specialist MVPs we have here on the Diablo III forums in the future. Please join us in congratulating him for his fresh green text. ^^
#2 by Vaneras @ 17:20:56 25-Mar-2013 Original Post
Weee - Another Diablo III MVP!!!

Grats on the green ThorienKELL#2134 :-)
#3 by Takralus @ 17:20:57 25-Mar-2013 Original Post
Yay congrats! TK helped me out with a character on more than one occasion :D
#4 by Xarishflar @ 17:28:26 25-Mar-2013 Original Post
#37 by Ксанеррис @ 09:19:04 26-Mar-2013 Original Post
Congratulations and welcome, ThorienKELL! /wave
#74 by Rynundu @ 17:06:50 25-Apr-2013 Original Post
Late here as well but congratulations to you too, ThorienKELL! =)
#81 by Scrainzo @ 11:56:15 26-Apr-2013 Original Post
Congratulations, ThorienKELL!

Sorry for not being on time. I hope it still counts. :)

Wonder what would happen if we reported a blue for necrobumping a thread about greens? ;-)

Diablo (EU) > Community > General Discussion