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Cannot Login in Diablo 3

#2 by Tailyda @ 20:33:05 14-May-2013 Original Post
If you're experiencing the issue where you're receiving the message that a new patch is available constantly even after restarting the client GuyRibbons, then please take a look at this Support Article for advice on how to help resolve it. :)

#5 by Natryndon @ 10:33:28 15-May-2013 Original Post
14/05/2013 19:42Posted by Agit
my EU client already patch up

Because it's obviously not an EU client.

14/05/2013 19:42Posted by Agit
i bet you 5€, i'll have this problem again in 1h after i've reinstalled

You won't.

14/05/2013 19:42Posted by Agit
Also, this game has been out for 1year now, how on earth do you guys still have these problems?

It's not a problem, it's working correctly.

Diablo (EU) > Support > Technical Support