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Old account cant reactivate cdkey

#4 by Natryndon @ 16:01:30 14-May-2013 Original Post
Yeah, we don't really delete Battle.net accounts, especially not ones with actual game accounts attached. Your account will still exist, you just need to regain access to it.

You should be able to use the account recovery webform for this, but if you have any issues you can contact the account support team directly using the contact details that Meteorblade kindly provided for you above.
#10 by Tailyda @ 20:36:14 14-May-2013 Original Post
Glad to see you got things sorted Glaxal. :)

Don't forget that you can send feedback of a job well done to our CSFeedbackEU@blizzard.com e-mail address. :)

Diablo (EU) > Support > Technical Support