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Error 3006

#49 by Lurdlespor @ 13:53:34 23-May-2013 Original Post
Hello everyone,

We've just seen Diablo III lose a lot of connections in the EU.

We're looking into this at the moment and we'll update you as soon as we have more on this.

Sorry about this everyone.
#311 by Lurdlespor @ 14:58:56 23-May-2013 Original Post
Hi again everyone,

No updates just yet on this but our network team is looking into it and are working on the issue right now.

Will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything.
#347 by Lurdlespor @ 15:39:46 23-May-2013 Original Post
Hello again everyone,

Numbers are rising and as many of you have noticed, you're able to log in again right now.

We're monitoring the situation closely and are still looking into the issue, but everything's looking better at the moment.

We'll let you know should anything further crop up.
#441 by Natryndon @ 17:00:18 04-Jun-2013 Original Post
Hey guys, a quick update here.

The initial issue that caused the resurrection of this thread on 23/05 has been resolved. However, we are still seeing the occasional, smaller dip in population across the EU server. Our network engineers are in the process of investigating.

However, there is also a chance that some of the issues mentioned here in this thread are not actually caused by these server hiccups but the client's connection itself. So, just in case your particular issue can be eliminated, we highly recommend you read through the Diablo III Connection Troubleshooting support article as it may help you to get back in the game.
#464 by Lurdlespor @ 10:09:02 16-Jun-2013 Original Post

There was an issue last night affecting the US region, and to address this issue we had to take that region's servers offline temporarily.

The issue was resolved around 23:30 CEST last night, and everything should be functioning normally now.

We apologise for any inconvenience this caused.

Diablo (EU) > Support > Technical Support