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★ Authenticator Removal Form Offline ★

#1 by Hagut @ 14:54:06 28-Nov-2013 Original Post
Hello everyone,

The Authenticator Removal Form is currently offline while we address an issue. The good news is that a representative can still assist you with removing the authenticator via Live Chat, ticket, or by phone.

To remove the authenticator select the following options:

Begin here > Battle.net Account > I can’t log in > I want to remove my authenticator > Continue

Do not click “Remove Lost or Broken Authenticator”! You will receive an error as this link directs you to the removal form.

Instead select either Live Chat, Submit a Ticket, or Phone Support. You do not need to be able to log in to use these options.

As a reminder, Live Chat is only available during phone hours. If you’re unable to reach a representative during this time, you’re welcome to submit a ticket.

We appreciate your patience and we hope to have the issue resolved soon.

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#2 by Lurdlespor @ 16:30:30 21-Jan-2014 Original Post
This post has been re-stickied as the Authenticator Removal form is currently disabled to address an issue. Please refer to the steps above for help in removing authenticators from accounts during this time.

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Diablo (EU) > Support > Technical Support